The European Forum Alpbach Foundation (EFAF) was established in 2005. Its goal is to support the objectives of the European Forum Alpbach by funding scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach with the aid of donations.

With the Alpbach scholarship program, young people under 30 can attend this leading interdisciplinary conference and a variety of academic seminars. A basic scholarship covers the participation fee to all events at the European Forum Alpbach. Additional subsidies are available for accommodation and board allowances for applicants with insufficient funds.


There are 3 different scholarship types for first-time scholarship applicants:


The EFAF covers* participation fees.

Travel costs are not covered by the EFAF.


The EFAF covers participation fees & accommodation allowance. Travel costs are not covered by the EFAF.


The EFAF covers participation fees, accommodation & board allowance. Travel costs are not covered by the EFAF

*Participation fee is EUR 1600,00, accommodation is EUR 30,00 per day, board allowance is EUR 17,00 per day

**Please note that the partial and full scholarships can only be granted upon the availability of funds


- between 18 and 30 years old
- English Proficiency (minimum B2)
- Certificates & Transcripts (copies of your highest school or a university certificate, diploma or degree, a transcript covering all credits obtained during the last (academic) year; alternatively: a confirmation of your last obtained school or work experience (e.g. proof of enrolment, employment contract or employment verification letter)
- minimum 12-day attendance
- socially engaged, active & curious
- filled-out online application

The online application consists of 2 parts:


(cannot be saved, only submitted)

  1. Contact Details

  2. Education

  3. Current University / Work Details

  4. Address

  5. Participation Dates for the 2020 Forum


(can be saved & continued later)

  1. Write a Motivational Statement: answer 5 Quest. asking you to reflect about yourself + answer 1 Quest. related to the EFA
    Fill-out your CV (work, education, extra-curricular activities).

  2. Upload proof of English

  3. Upload grades transcripts and highest university or high-school certificate.

The EFAF awards around 300 scholarships yearly to international students and young graduates to participate in the European Forum Alpbach.


Each application submitted to the EFAF is reviewed by two members of an independent jury in order to ensure an objective selection process. The jury consists of different members from a variety of fields of the academy, non-profits, and the private sector. A list with all the jury members' names will be published on the European Forum Alpbach website before the application period opens.

Scholarship application timeline

17 February 2020 - Applications Open
The call for applications will go online on the EFA website.

31 March 2020 - Applications Close
Make sure you have submitted your application at latest by the 31 March 2020 (11:59 AM [noon] CET).

May 2020 - Application Results
All applicants will be contacted latest by the end of May with their results. All successful applicants will have the chance to either accept or refuse the scholarship within 2 weeks of having received the application results.

19 August 2020 - Arrival in Alpbach

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