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The European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business, and culture. It connects international decision-makers from all sectors of society with an interested audience and committed young people. The goal is to create a dialogue across the generational, ideological and other lines that divide us.

However, the European Forum Alpbach tends to end. That’s why to be in touch all year, it was decided to create the Forum Alpbach Network.

It is a network of over 30 independent Clubs in over 20 countries, which were founded by former participants of the Forum. All of these are run by students and young professionals and are acknowledged as associate members of the European Forum Alpbach. Each of the Clubs organizes independently its scholarship program and local activities throughout the year.

KIGA is also a member of the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN). As a part of the FAN, we are involved in shaping the EFA and contributing to its program.

Each year Forum Alpbach Network (FAN) organizes two conferences that connect motivated and diverse people, who share a passion for a democratic and peaceful Europe.

FAN Spring Conference is one of them where I was a representative from Ukraine. Club Alpbach Niederösterreich (Club Alpbach Lower Austria) was a host of this year’s FAN Spring Conference in Retz, Austria. The place where the conference was held is a beautiful region, called “Retzerland”. It forms part of the Weinstraße Weinviertel (Weinviertel Region Wine Path), a collection of towns covering over 132 kilometers of the wine-growing area within Austria.

The focus was placed on the 15-year anniversary of the Central Eastern European Enlargement. In addition to excellent discussions, this is an excellent platform for a network. It was a great opportunity to establish strong connections with different international clubs. It was also a great chance to meet candidate to a new board of Forum Alpbach Network (FAN) which coordinates common activities, sets up priorities for the network and represents FAN within the Forum’s bodies and the broader public. During the Conference were introduced changes in the European Forum Alpbach 2019. It was nice to hear it first.

Good luck for everyone and see you in the European Forum Alpbach!

Ivan Nevzorov

Member of the NGO Kyiv Initiative Group Alpbach,

LLB (Yaroslav the Wise National Law University),

LLM (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)

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