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SmartDocuments developed several software programs in Ukraine for the last ten years. We had a company and a great team there. For a few years, we have been working with the external Ukrainian IT companies. I like the people of Ukraine and their culture. They are smart and have a significant creative workforce and bright minds.

The younger generation of Ukrainians is very open and flexible, connect easily with other people and deserve good opportunities to help their own country to grow. I think that the influence of Western Europe on Ukraine is very positive. The country developed very rapidly over the last ten years. Kyiv as capital is more similar to other European capitals already while the other cities need more time for improvement. Western Europe can help to improve business culture, legal and political system in Ukraine. The young people of Ukraine demand and deserve that. The youth has the future and should create it themselves.

I am pleased to help a little bit to give some young people a chance to broaden their view and mind by visiting the European Forum Alpbach in Austria where they can meet and discuss topics with the participants from other countries from all over the world. The scholarship holders can speak in small groups with well know professors, business people, and political leaders. The EFA's participants from the other countries can also learn more about Ukraine, its people, culture and its possibilities. Ukraine is very well situated, has a lot of potential growth and an enthusiastic young workforce.

We can learn from each other and make the world a little bit better.

I visited the Forum several times myself and was surprised about the quality of topics, speakers and positive energy. We had many interesting discussions and exchange of views and information. The Forum takes place in a very beautiful and cosy area in the Alps, surrounded by mighty mountains and green valleys.

The scholarship holders that we sponsored came all from the warzone in the east of Ukraine and had to give up everything they had and start all over again. But they survived. They were forced to open their minds and deserve some help on their path. They saw with their own eyes what people could do to each other because of cynical politics and how it destroys everything that is beautiful. The Forum Alpbach was founded right after World War II by intellectuals and tried to prevent future wars and improve understanding of each other.

People should be informed better and not follow the disorienting politics of some leaders anymore. The young people are connected through social media and the internet. They can gather information and develop their own opinion better than by watching standard news with very little background information, as long as the internet and media are not censored in their countries. In the Forum everything is openly discussed, and the themes are always inspiring to develop good ideas and solutions, and there are enough challenges to be solved.

We can learn from each other and make the world a little bit better.

Marco Drost

Founder & CEO of SmartDocuments

The Netherlands

A General Partner of the Scholarship program of the NGO Kyiv Initiative Group Alpbach

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